Ethnography Eval: Edit

In Fitness Trainer micro-culture I will be exploring gym culture, meal plans, work out plans, dietary supplements, and clean eating. The informant is a part of these aspects as well as advocating meal plans to other. Each is part of a daily routine. There is disadvantage because this micro-culture appears more individualistic than social- the goals are the goals of the individual, however, I will be learn some gym culture too- that will be social. Another disadvantage is this micro culture is fairly new; a few years old to my informant. She has been struggling with weight for years and moving toward the goal of being a fitness trainer for many years. This became a serious path for her when she started working front desk at the gym she used for exercise. The routine of it is what is new to her, but again, gym culture itself will be nothing new.

Fitness training is a current, open, and non translational micro-culture. English is its folk language. It is a growing and developing micro-culture so the information may be subject to change.  I had trouble determining whether it was explicit or taciturn. It is mostly explicit because the routines will be clearly  defined. The work-out plans are defined. The part I believe to be taciturn is the nutrition part. Overall the dietary needs of fitness trainers may reflect one another but individual to individual they will vary, according to personal and professional goals. That also reflects back on the individual aspect of the culture. There is no strong belief politically, or religiously, however, there is a strong belief in healthy eating.

This micro-culture is completely unknown to me. There is nothing dangerous or illegal about it. It is not my social world. Healthy eating has its benefits but I am not for it as strictly as fitness trainers are so I will have some listening to do and keep an open mind. When I exercise I run outside and away from the mental image of gym guys on TV commercials that look like they could crush a puppy just by looking at it. From this Ethnography I hope my assumed inferences about gym culture will be justified and brought to light. 


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