History- Latin America: February 6 Discussion Notes

1.) Explain in context of the sugar miracle in Saint Dominique/Pre-Colonial Haiti- became dependent of slave as peasants- co-depending economy that is feeding off the peasants, drain resources of soil- relationship between government and peasants: takes surplus of peasants, gives nothing back. Translation modern Haiti- the place is controlled by 9 families- even today. Haiti has overpowering large state system.

2.) How was Saint Dominique/Pre-Colonial Haiti a fragmented place? An immigrant class coming in with greater ties with France than Haiti. White/Mulatte/Colons-Native born—- Physical/Geological -North, west, and south important geographic separation- 3 semi-autonomous societies. 3 class divisions: Grand blanc, Petite blanc, Gen De Colour, Enslaved,- separate class system. Catholics were usually the upper class, ( much more attachment to France) construction of a Vodun- Religion of the people, peasants. Cubans—Revolution: Fragmentation, No cuban support for revolting from Spain, Foreign support- afraid that Cuba is going to become another Haiti(looks like another Haiti coming).

3.) Haiti– In comes war, 1761. 7 years war with Spain, SUGAR, sugar, sugar. British takes over, drops restrictions, therefore huge market- because of war.

4.) Carlos Manuel Cespedes- Factors that led to 10 years war: Race. Grito De Yara. Civil war in Spain. -Government in disarray. **Breakdown of elite consensus: Mother of all Revolution** Oxtortion. …? Extortion?

5.) Protest of Baragua? What role did race play in the Cuban Civil War-??


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