Colonial Role in the Carribean (February 4, 2014)

Word for word -Disorganization-

Developments represent two difference experiences in Colonial America. All things happened in Haiti made Cuban remain…how it was? something, something, during the revolution- there was a reason there for why Cuba did not revolutionize with thereat of the Caribbean colonies and I missed it. Cuba: exceptionally conservation society- socially, politically, economically. A lot of Cubans are from canary islands. Operating from minority…perspective? perspective of oppressive? …what did he say here? I lost it- writing Battle mindset- trying to keep from being over-run- so I guess they had no time to think for themselves, always trying to keep everyone else out.

Hispaniola is where it begins

Find Gold- major desire of conquistadors in Hispanolia- early on find out this is not a precious metal region- exploit agriculture- they find, Nicolas de Orvando was sent as a governor of Hispaniola- 1502 – location of audiencia for Carribean region. Colombus/disorganization Orvando/organization- beginning of political organization of Hispanola-

1502 arrival of Africans, slavery utilized. 1505- Consignment of slaves- Juan de Bermudez brought first consignment. Orvando became governor.

Cuba founded from Hispanola. Responsible for conquest of Cuba- Diego de Velasquez (founded) war going on between Indians & Hispanola- 5 kingdoms were demolished by the time of conquistadors. Velasquez led expedition to Cuba against Hatuey-1511- Cuba becomes staging ground for spanish conquest. Economic up to mid 1700s in Cuba & Santo Domingo (socially much more egalitarian than elsewhere.) -Livestock exportation, small ranchers, sugar, less much less racial hostility. slavery occurred.

Mercantilism: there was this: smuggling- English, French, Dutch came along. Rescate activity- pirates, privateers, highly illegal- done anyway- produce high hostility from spanish governor. – but little they could do about it- colonials were being established in north to further undermine spanish monopolies. (helped cuba) demand for spanish labor.

Impregnable forts built in cuba and puerto rico. Espectially cuba. Havana the departureture….Government obgied Spanisnish galleons to sail in a convoy and to meet in Cuba- Led to the economic development of Havana- most part direct of drake. This. Overarching history of cuba, saint domingue.

Saint Dominque- Itire- land of high mountain- previously all of Hispanola called Santo Domingo. (smelling the smoke of destruction, see fire burning in distance.) Spanish Rule- 1502-1635. Increeasing attacks by English French & Dutch Pirates- Pigs multiplied across area. Free range cattle- left on territory. Spanish habit. Especially from mid 1500s- onward became populated by pirates and the free range cattle gave them food. constructed culture based on that- boucanier- became their name. BBQ method used by indian to cook fish first then cattle. Food technique. apply indian technique to other food stuffs.

French occupied the region ‘Filbustier’ angle norman hunters. esp in south and in tortuga. Norman -norseman-normandy. arcadians went to canada- norman come to dominque. completely free of colonist. huge range to hunt.

Saint Dominque 1507-1697 Brothers of the coast- 1640-from tortuga. multi-national root of people- interesting. dutch.french.Egnlish pirates. Huntil gov. saw to free & say, colonize. Colonists: planters: habitants- increasingly, circa 1650 from martinique st. christopher (st. Kitts) and guadeloupe. sugar revolution Sugar is incredibly aggressive crop.

(French west india company) When French decided to colonize st. dom. it was still legally spanish. (devoted to two things louis 14 was, forts and colonies.) Baptise Colbert 1665 sent former pirate Ogeron Bertrand d’ – first gov. successful governor- grabs a bunch of whore to populate the region from where IDK- now other people are attracted to it- war of the league of Augsburg- French vs. English spanish, dutch, Spanish lose territory (they always do when dragged in) Treaty of Ryswick (1697) not legally recognized as french until this moment. recognized as French until this moment- becomes “San-Domay” divided in to 3 parts, North, West, South -lake des cages south capital

In Haiti the capital is on a fault line- Port au Prince- shakes the city, salt shaker- Haitia is exceptionally fertile despite destruction.

1697-1789 Bourbon Governance Theory separation but harmony between military, fiscal, judicial- harmonized at level of monarch- governor- magistrates, intendent, unity in the king- didn’t have giant viceroy  as Spanish had (powers still check) Two Superior Office- Each one checking other. slowing down policy making, The Govener overall citizen & military; offiofficer repressing the crow- Indendant- civilian administror esp- fiscal affair. missing? Colonial- had no say. Again, superior, not supreme  Obsessive need to control.

Successive and richest- french conolia- no colony richer? :molasses,, sugar, rm esp. refined sugar. fertile soil, newest, richest in carribean. Produced more sugar and highest quality among competitor- due to soil, production methods. Sugar placed in ………. to create market for it.  was so fertile it could sustain it- demanding in terms of labor, environmentally destructive- highly greedily—–mabut highly profitable -if–manage to find capital- come out Billionare as consequences was not in for breadbasket food, like corn rich breadbasket territority and there was illegal trading between st. dom and pa.

wheat, corn beef —- sugar, molasses, rum

1748-1789 considerable numbers of enslaved africans imported. 1790s stats- 130 million pounds of sugar per year- 40,000 white colons. 550,000 slaves thats 90 percent of population- importing  30,000 a year. 20,00 ymix white and black

Revolution waiting to happen.

grand blancs. rich.white.wealthy.powerful. merchant.govener.

petite blancs.artisans.middleclass. worked for someone. lawyer.

Gen de Couleur. Free. libres noir. free were expectionally rich. many also slave holders. racial equality falling. not impossible to be richer than gland blanc. mix. black.white.


african origins- angola. dahomey. senegambia. ba-kong regions. during revolution they brought fighting style utilized in guerrilla warfare. development of vodum- not consolidated. region until 1700s – tradition spiritual, cults, essentially dahomean religion.

cuba — gott’s history of cuba… that’s the book that coming from the library, the one needed.


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