Explanation & Evalution: Entho

Female Body Builder training, the micro culture I intend to study. The informant is a part of dietary meal plans, advocating those plans to others, daily gym routine, & routine clean eating. Informant has not participated in body building competitions. This is a small micro culture. It is part of the regularity of daily routines. A disadvantage is this seems to be more individualistic than social- the goals are the goals of the individual, although I believe I will be learn some gym culture too- that is social. Another disadvantage- this micro culture is fairly new, it is a few years old to my informant. Body building has been around many years but I am not interviewing a body builder- this is one in training.

It is a current micro culture, open, and non translational. English is its folk language. I had trouble determining whether it was explicit or taciturniturn. I believe it to be mostly explicit because the routines will be clearly  defined. But I also believe there may be a small part  that is taciturn, because of it leaning toward an individualistic side- at least for the nutrition part that is.  There is no strong belief politically nor relgiously- however there is a strong belief in healthy eating. This mice culture is completely unknown to me. Nothing dangerous or illegal. Definitely not my social world. In fact, I try to stay away from gyms because I don’t particularly like the culture- but I am open to learning more. 


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