Ethnography first thoughts

to be an ethnographer you have to “be” things- mainly, professional- interviews are not a friend to friend basis. It is researcher to informant and informant to researcher- oh I would just love to interview strippers, & stock brokers & doctor’s, but that is far, far above my expertise, knowledgably and socially. There will be informants who hold back, informants who lie, manipulate, mislead you on purpose, I suppose…if it were easy to ask easy questions and easy to get difficult answers then it wouldn’t be a fucking job. right…you know, Susan would make a great Anthropologist.

So- back to informants who do all kinds of crazy things -some of them don’t, some of them may answer all your questions with ease (but truthfully?) with difficulty, but honesty- and I have to take that all into account, and I have to be ready to hear answers I don’t understand or don’t agree with and what I’m I going to do when I get to those kinds of questions- on my own at that point…. don’t think there’s a really point in whether I’ll be ‘ready’ or not. But goddamn it’s not that big of a deal and I’m nervous. -Shit like that that comes out isn’t really that professional- which is where the anxiety derives from, but fuck it, as long as I’m serious about it then the professionalism can take a fucking walk. a really long walk. down in the direction of fuck off avenue. 



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