Intro to Business: Day One

If I don’t come out in the next four months with… a stable network of secure income from the start up of my “instant” business, then obviously I learned something wrong. What else is an Intro to Business class in existence for? Lack of initiative my fucking ass. 

  • A contract is an agreement
  • Leadership is taking the role to explain to others how things work
  • Each one of us is a business (what the hell/like fuck I am) 
  • We trade competency to get compensation 
  • Competency: 1.The ability to do something successfully or efficiently; 2. An income large enough to live on, typically unearned.
  • Compensation: something, typically money, awarded to someone as a recompense for loss, injury, or suffering.

There will be 4 assignments for every chapter. All the work is entirely online due this professor being a black belt. No, I don’t think that’s really the case…but he must be really fucking “New Age”, or more technologically advanced.. -well this is business, I guess you’d have to be…with the competitiveness at all. He stressed it, “If you don’t use a calculator because it is too technologically advanced the person who does is going to beat you every time.” We don’t generate losers here at Millersville University. Right. I’d rather not be generated at all, thanks -but what is this? A fucking factory? The only factory I would ever willingly become a part of is Willy Wonka’s- so how about someone points me in that fucking direction instead. 

That was all for today. I also have to learn how to play poker…so I can learn how to, uh, play my cards right. 


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