History of Medicine Notes: Emerging Diseases

  • Delirium, the fever gets so high
  • An epidemic of epidemics
  • Arno Karlen, Man & Microbes
  • Why and why now:
  • 1. Environmental Changes
  • 2. Smaller World
  • 3. Complacency?
  • 4. Part of the natural order?

What has changed to allowed this epidemics of epidemics to happen: Environmental, like deforesting, climate change, our ability to get on a plane and travel means this interaction between man and microbes isn’t necessarily localized anymore. Examples a.) Hemorrhagic Fevers: Marburg(green monkeys), Lassa, Ebola

New form of flu, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, BSE, MRSA, hemorrhaging and multi organ failure. 

Lab animals become very important vectors. 

(Marburg as a weapon?)


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