Aberth Chapter 4 Discussion (AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa): Notes

  • Uganda: Musoveni
  • South Africa: Mbeki
  • Political leaders of said nation
  • Uganda: what made it a success story, Musoveni- condoms, great but reality is a lot of our population is living in poverty and illiterate. He advertised safe sex though and made social campaigns for awareness of AIDS. The difference is one of scale: what else will we do. He knows condom use can’t be the only solution, we can use western medicine, but we cannot rely on it.
  • South Africa: Mbeki rejects western medicine largely. (ATZ) For a long time he said this is not a contagious disease. He was ignoring the fact or denying, that AIDS actually exists. He blamed the disease of poverty, saying we need entirely an African solution. “Re-embrace all morality” There need to be changes in attitudes unique to African and Uganda social problems, poverty. The Problem: I the amount of people were dying, amount of people acquiring the virus, meanwhile he is standing over there saying it doesn’t even exist. 
  • Individual experiences: Lots of elderly taking care of orphans. Financial, social, massive implications resulting from an entire missing generation. That’s how many people were dying. An entire generation- gone. 
  • What did we learn about AIDS in Africa vs. AIDS in US. In AIDS it is more  commonly passed through hetersexuals, and in US through homosexuals. In US it was view through public as “gay” disease. In Africa many, many children were affected. Tearing of social fabric: who is going to raise these children? The fear that comes with AIDs. Losing sense of community that comes with family. Children in Africa who were infected couldn’t go to school- schools would not allow them to. US & Europe: Gay people had it and people said, well we can put them in this department, over here, and forget about it. They can say we’ll just ignore them and pretend they aren’t apart of us. But with children, society has this obligation to look after them. They can’t just ignore children. Can we provide education for kids with AIDS? 

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