Poem/Short Story/George Street Submission

Blood, cells, plasma, marrow
What goes on beneath that staircase
Narrow hallways, full of suitcases
Why would you put your heart in my hands
Did I look like I could sustain it, embrace it
Retrace the steps you took and forgive the moments you wasted?

I write for you because you don’t believe 
these words nor can you taste this verse
I see the lights that blind you, places unfamiliar
Your distasteful grace, to live, to love, to touch, to taste

Dark alley, edge of time, inchworm tube-snake neon signs
You see long cabins, long days, kid’s you’ll raise
I see the two of us, suffering each other, love and lust
I love you anyway, dawn to dusk

—  I’m Not Going Anywhere, L.E.
“Orange peel, tea leaves, steel green butterflies dance inside my head in your eyes they make up lies so sweet, I fall sick with disease
in madness we do not sleep, in madness we chase tiny twist dreams
I drown sound less thoughts, never reaching down
we live, we love, we die, we pay the cost to lie”
—  The Cost, L.E.

“The cold rain touched our acidic veins 
And found our blood so bitter, fire
We lost our heads, we’ve no desire
Broken stem, one day look up put down the pen
Where’s our glory, golden road to heaven, we work for it
Blue dusk, weak voice, scratched lungs there is no love
We build friendship on humiliating on another
Heal my pain, heal pain you all scream out
Your worthless nothings that none of you care about
Individualism means isolation so you’re wasted again
hell, anything to get out of our heads”
—  Mental Case, L.E.

“You don’t want me. Dark days, darker nights. Marry the sun- She’ll shine brighter for you than I ever will. Your heartfelt words mean nothing, you can’t sell me your dream, I’m empty! Can’t you see? But you just won’t give up on me. Leave me. You don’t deserve a liar. Maybe there’s someone out there who tells the truth. She’s for you. I am for the stars, and green trees, and the indigo seas. You cannot have me. I hold heartache and pain & you think you can take it away, don’t you. You must be strong enough to endure what I have, because that is all i have to offer. When sickness and distance knock at my door I let them in, I let them take me away- far from you. You wouldn’t chase a broken soul. We aren’t worth much but the sweet silent company we offer.”

-Emotional Trainwreck, L.E.

“That same year my mom, my dad, my sister and I moved into our new house. You know, the one on the mountain. I had named her Rose. My sister got one too. She was 4 and she named her’s Easter Egg. He didn’t look like an easter egg at all, I mean, I ain’t ever seen an Easter Egg that was black before… but whatever, he was hers. 
At the new house, my dad built cages. One day, it was my turn to feed them and I hated going down the hill in that direction. My six year old face got all screwy in that scared way but I called for Easter Egg anyway. I even saw ‘em too, sitting in his pretty chicken wire cage all just sitting there, and then I came to a dead stop. Just stopping in my tracks, waitin’ -but, he’s a rabbit in all and, it ain’t like he actually gonna call back to me so what the hell was I just stopped there, for? Didn’t know at the time. Easter Egg seemed just fine, but he wasn’t. ‘Specially not after what he went through. I was strain’ something mean into that blackball off fluff as I marched up to ask him what he just thought he oin’ not answer me or nothing. But see Easter Egg wasn’t doin’ much of anythin’ anymore. He just was sittin’ there at the front of his cage all docile like, and headless, too.”
—  Easter Egg’s Death, L.E.

“Where did that girl ever get to, anyway
She was raised a choir girl & every body knew it
Except her, she was the virgin who ran around with the whore
Baby wanted her white dress and diamond rings
Sweatheart wanted to know the truth
Honey wanted you to come back and see her room
She was pale as a ghost in winter and she haunted strangers
She told me, “mother clipped my wings, and I’ll spend my whole life trying to grow them back”
I laughed, sweetheart, there are no fucking wings on your back
— Disappointment, L.E.



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