History of Medicine: Henrietta Lacks

Role cells play in scientific research being played out: Hemocells: turns out a lot of the things we lost turns out to be something else. Important developments. Cultured cell lines. Accidentally extracted DNA. Other important developments, challenge to cell culture: how to produce this on a large scale- lack of standardization: Culture medium, immediate problem of having and idea and wanted to share it, but how does one ship a live specimen: technology has to catch up. Linguistics of: How would this work, the business behind it all of this. Commercialization of this —- as well. That kind of model did not exist until Hela-cells became so important. Helia cells easiest human cello to work with. Why Helia-cell sturdy. What was so unique about Herietta’s cervical cancer cells: Tehomeres/Telomerase- cancer cells work differently, because of telomerase can divide in definitely. we never knew this before. Theory she had been exposed to HPV very many times. 

Well, I don’t know what the hell any of that meant.


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