European History 17th Century-Modern Day Cold (War Part II)

Oranges story; cactus cutting, barnacles, under the boardwalk, paprika,  “occasionally he got a little punchy”

“Who is going to die and how long are they going to be dead for.”

F.) Military Rivalry 1.) NATO (1948) 2.) Warsaw Pact (1955): formalized. Military Rivalry had continues essentially from  WWII but now we see construction of organizations that makes all confrontation to be more official, long standing. Mao Zedoag. Maidaneck. 

III. Nikita Krushchev (1957-1964) A.) De-Stalinization: More intellectual freedom than Stalin ever would have allowed, actual recognition some people had some rights. B.) Economics: Problems of collectivization, Krush says let’s relax it. C.) Foreign Policy: Trys to pick another fight Berlin. -West Berlin. -Cuban Missile Crisis (1962). D.) Fall of Krushchev 

B.) ICBM: Development, huge in terms of nuclear arms race- ICBM is a delivery system fro nuclear weapons. Again changes nature of nuclear race. Sputnik- 1st Satellite Soviets shot into space. Space race. All seen within intense race between the Soviets and the US. Cuba was communist by: 1962, thing to keep in mind is that Cuba is only 90 miles off the coast of Florida. ICBM, Nuclear weapons: Soviets were putting them there secretly. They would be the closest nukes to the US, allowing Soviets to directly threaten US w/ Nuclear Warfare. Us finds out about it (spy planes) and decides to go public with the information. Cuban Missile Crisis. Finally, there is a promise made from the US, that the US will never ever invade Cuba again and they will leave Castro (the dictator) alone and they will let the country be communist. Us promised this. US did not promise to pull nuclear weapons out of Turkey. US didn’t throw that bone. (they pulled them out though._ Krush looked weak in Union, they really see his foreign policy failures and pull him out. That is Krushev’s collapse. Leonid Brezhnev.  U2 Spy Planes


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