European History 17th Century – Modern Day: WWII

Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941: Sneak attack by Japanese in attempt to eliminate U.S. pacific fleet. US was not selling oil to japan nor letting allies sell to Japan. Massively undermine ability to make war in pacific: that was the Japanese goal with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. (more on this?) Partially succeeded; The US aircraft carriers were not there so they did not get bombed. US still had the ability to go to war, US was damaged but not ended. Germans declare war on U.S. (why/going to war anyway?) 

Us is at war with Japan & Germany. It is all about allies. IF you want to be allies with us, you gotta come fight in Europe. Becomes turning point because this brings U.S. into war. (any other reasons US joined?) The US enabled full time war economy…they did not do this in WWI. 

Britain & Germany were allies, then Britain, Germany & United States. US had to open a second front in Europe, but not at this point in time so there was an attack on Africa. Rommel. British “win” by skin of teeth over Italian, not a decisive victory by any means. Back in Europe they cross into Italy.

Battle of Coral Sea and Battle of —? Result their navy is essentially wiped out and can no longer fight. Cannot move troops cannot re-stack troops. Japanese culture encourages Japanese to die for their country. Vicious last man standing fight that US runs into. What US faced with was that kind of resistance, what were they going to do about it. The figuring was that the atomic bomb saved three million American lives. In Hiroshima 78,000 people. Not counting those in the weeks after that. It took Japan a few days to figure out what had happened. 

IV: The Holocaust: Progression, Anti-Semitism, Nuremberg Laws: At what point did Germans decide they were going to get rid of the Jews. A. Madagascar Plan: wanted to through them out, not originally kill them all…at first. Hitler feels strong enough that he doesn’t need Jews as scapegoats anymore. Madagascar Plan abandoned by it was not a priority compared with war-time goals, it was too expensive, it took too much effort and money away from troops. Poland had 3 million jews before the war, Soviets have 2.5 million. (slovs were seen as barely step above Jews in Hitlers eyes.)  Here we see a very clear shift in opinion of these people. Hitler fear he would be overrun because there were so many Jews. Flying Death Squads: Einstazgruppen (SS) would go and say round up Jews. They make them dig ute pit and stand on the edge, they shoot them down. SS people were volunteers who chose to be in this group. Day after day after day it gets to them, they start not showing up, start calling in sick- Hitler finds more efficient way to kill Jews. The Wannse Conference was held. The Result was 6 Extermination Camps were set up. Then Concentration Camps. All were operational before the end of 1942. 

Final Solution: Jews would be loaded on cattle cars all over Europe. People were sorted by whether they are healthy enough to work or not. They were told they were going to take a shower. Zyklon B: The gas they used to kill Jews. It was manufactured special for this occasion. Made especially to kill humans. It was designed for the Holocaust. Special crematoriums had to be designed to burn thousands of bodies because in a normal crematorium burning that many bodies would melt the chimney. The nazi’s stole what they told the Jews to bring as their most prized possessions. They used their skin to make lampshades; they used their ashes to make soap. Trains that were supposed to be moving troops are moving Jews. Criminal were in charge of camps because that was cheaper than putting them in jail. Hitler cared more about his than he cared about the war. 5.5 Million Jews were killed. He also hated, gypsy’s, homosexuals and jehovah’s witnesses. 

Still not getting enough Soviet attention away from Germany. C. D-Day June 6, 1944: Normandy greatest naval accomplishment ever (?) Amphibious landing docks invented. Calais (Calay) set up Hollywood props across from Calais, this made troops unsure enough to stay back. Rommel gone. (Rommel in first place, what/who?) Lack of establishment of chain of command. Series of series of events in right direction. Paratrooper. Northern France did manage to establish beachhead at Normondy. In 3 months two million men moved in. France is liberated III. German and Japanese surrender. Hitler commits suicide in 1945. 



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