Pre-Colonial Africa: Cont. Jihad movement/Don Fodio

Don Fodio just settled Sokoto: 1815. Students were attacked to these schools and became his disciples. He established Mosque as place of worship. Schools are agents of indoctrination. Schools as agents of indoctrination? Islamic Jurists of Sharia were also trained in his schools and worked from the mosques. Mass education to bring reforms that were consistent with islamic principles: Islalm. Impact of his teaching. By 1790, mass following and the desire for reform made the Jihad inevitable. 18th Century- Isliam became the dominant religion in west Africa. (“they go after guys who are not very sophisticated. take your mind and put it in your pocket, what is this nonsense. Those at the bottom of society are always manipulated, this is the tragedy of our era, we are not truthful.”) Muslim scholar (Ulmas) served in public offices, advised leaders and administrators. (but understand, it will take time. pre-empt and prospect. the common people. you are looking hard. impressionable age or mind set.)

what is paganism? Whatever faith you are, you are somebody’s pagan. word for intolerant. Muslim saw traditional religion practioners as pagan, corrupt, etc. Islam scholar preaching, intensifying conflict with traditional.  (there’s too many variables in the human population to just assume everything about everyone.) Consequences of the work of Uthman Don Fodio, necessary of Jihad. Reforem along Islamic principles and practices, command of the righteous. Socio-Economic reform: Sharia. (there has been transformation as society.) 1817: Uthman Don Fodio died. (they are human beings like us, they are very corrupt.) His son, Bello, and brother, Abdullah, continued to write after his death and to teach islam and guide legal and political affairs in Sokoto. Caliphate founded after the death of Uthman Don Fodio. (Sadness of our society, people appoint themselves to protect something they were never given a reason to.) How to analyze facts and come to ‘this’ or ‘that’ conclusion rather being told this is the conclusion you should come too. 

Beyond the Caliphate: Highly centralized societies that would reject British & French colonialism. Islamic schools were sources of ideological training that competed with forge in schools. The sharia system of justice controlled society and competed with western justice systems. 

Abolitionist Movement: Rise of Legitimate Trade. 177-1807 act of parliament abolishes the slave trade, gets to core of notion of abolition as a humanitarian enterprise. Tobacco, cotton, sugar would no longer be going to Britian; something must be done, policy was put in place, we move to Legitimate Trade


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