Pre-Colonial Africa: Luo Migration

Many people argue that the Luos’ located around the Blue & White Nile. They say a number of factors made them leave. They say, climate, environment change. Simply needed a favorable place to live. Carrying capacity of land: meaning the amount of people it can support. So many left, migrated south along Nile. Some argue another factor to look at was intense competition for resources. Always fought war, over resources. We have to acknowledge this is something we still do today. Others argued as well it just could simply be individual choice. I can’t get enough of what I want- I leave. The idea of independent development, the idea of Hamitic Hypothesis- our aim today.

4. Diseases: People can decide no I don’t want to be a part of that, and leave. 5.. The Idea of population explosion. Too many people- I’m outta here. When we talk theory of migration we can place a lot of it here: Population explosion. We look at Luo with this argument. We will use the same when looking at NOK. Social/Political/Economic of Luo.

Socially egalitarian people. Basis of widespread equality. Very strongly in their mind will influence their political system. They are organized under stateless societies. Politics: Stateless societies, an anomaly, anthropologists did not understand they are used to monarch and monarchs have all the power. Europeans that came to Africa had this political organization in mind: Inequality. This is Despotically strong, democratically weak. As they grow older from age groups they go to elders, the system recycles itself- if they are not chosen for chief they go back to everyone else. In essence what this means, some one you grow up with, some one you believe who can guid you…is responsible, etc, will be chief. When the group is up, someone else leads and chief & elders (of that time) fall back. This is democratically strong, despotically weak. In that kind of society they do not have the death penalty. Decisions are arrived at conscientiously. The point here is that these guys came down here, settled into their Egalitarian System, & moved on with their life.


Bantu Migration is important too.


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