And the Band Played On: Topic: Science of Aids & Blood Banks

Patients are coming in with diseases that have not been seen in humans before. Bringing patients to hospitals early on: fatigue, pneumonia (PCP), weight loss, diharreah night sweats, swollen lymph nodes- symptoms would have been developing for years. Protozoa in the lungs- very specialized type of pneumonia. Problem with PCP is there is no great effective way to treat it. Kaposis Sarcoma showed up typically in gay men while drug users were more likely to come down with PCP.

Kinds of problems with wrapping arms around epidemic. Takes a while to understand that these weird animal diseases are connected and how. Why didn’t anyone listen. (Influences of majority major.) …Dollar priorities, cold war, social and funding obstacle: 1st case in marginal population. What is first case had been white male heterosexual. What takes scientists so long to publish papers: takes a lot of time from manuscript to publication. Immediately may mean several months. (Publication as it existed in the 1980s). so slammed w/ problems in patients, exponential growth, (It was exactly one year since Ken Horne, the first AIDS case reported to the CDC, had died in a dark hospital room on November 30, 1981; by November 30, 1982 nearly 300 were dead nationwide. page 201.) rather than jumping through political hoops to get this published.

You have to keep that work under wrap until the journal publishes it, “its being reviewed”, a business model & everything else- trumps what is actually going on in this epidemic. NWR- Raw data publication: weekly tends in disease. In regard to science, conflict between research at NCI & Allies vs. Pasteur Institute: Start from very different…scopes? Biological vs. Environment. why is US so focused on HTLv: Because Bob Gallo discovered it. They know what it is and there is an expert on it, if it is something else, we may be looking in the dark. Randy Shiltz tells us that Gallo is a villain, portrays level of arrogance, that he has this sense of if I just keep lowing on through I will be alright. French in a place to see this as more contagious disease than Americans see it. Its luck, it could have easily been the other way around.

Problem of DNA of virus, isolated. ATLV-ALV: 1% difference in DNA, this indicates what…it came from the same patient. We still aren’t quite there. Implication is that Gallo stole this work but that is essentially what the French believed happened. No one every came right out and said it. We can’t have this type of scandal in Science World, part of problem. Clear as mud in this book. Even Shiltz dances around it.  Gallo still got partial credit for it.

Factor VIII: Blood product that could make their lives livable but you take 100s of blood donors and mix it all together taking the parts that they want.

About the Blood Banking industry: As in early 80s, did not question, did not noting. They just set up shop and took every donor that came out. Tremendously dangerous in retrospect. Hepatitis B- spread through populations: 1. Hemophiliacs transfusions, here we see Blood banks finally having to give way. CDC wanted them to questionnaire everyone, high-riskers remove yourself, and just say no men can give bloom. on wednesday: blood banks cont. Arica, Africa contrast to Europe. In the book they believed incubation time was 5.5 years now we have tests that can detect in 6 weeks whether you have aids or not.





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