Pre-Colonial Africa: September 4, 2013

Historical forces that transformed he Hamitic Hypothesis. Napolean’s invasion of Egypt in 1798 and the passion for science and antiquity. Hamitic Hypothesis is very difficult to get rid of. It transforms overtime to justify… …somehow we just go along with it. New re-interpretation comes along to justify the old one. We could —? re-indoctrination. Basically; Influencing your thinking. In essence here, nothing has changed. Only justified itself under…. So now, Ham is not cursed. Now only his son is cursed. Nobody questions this big jump. (This story is so fucked up.) Many of the scholars knew what they were doing, but, there was a lot to gain through slavery. 

It began the wealth in America.

Anthropologists set out to prove that Egyptians were Hamites- white and caucasoid. Skulls were collected. Looking to prove…inferiority. Craniology: Human Skull Measurements. Who has the authority to dig them up. Who has the authority to claim the remains. Mongrel Race- We mean people of mixed race that don’t have a clear lineage. W.I.N. Tribe. White, Indian, Negro. Thought process was: we should eliminate them because they would contaminate the European gene pool & to continuously prove the Egyptians were not white crainology. 

The new Hamitic myth, white & caucosoid, took shape as scientific proof. 

The study of language will now be used to add some sort of “Evidence” to the Hamitic Hypothesis. Merely a justification. Justified two horribly contemporary movements in our society slave trade. Colonialism. Modern Racism. Scholars are a product of their own society. “Our ignorance with advertising got us to buy poison, and kill ourselves. And somebody made a lot of money.” Cigarette Industry

“Propriety Knowledge.” 



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