History of Medicine: Cholera/Ghost Map

Left off around Anatomy Act 1832. Techniques in graveyards to thwart resurrection men: Moselium. Metal grate over grave. (look for recent burials or they’d bribe a sexton.) Cases: 1828 City of Edinburgh. Can’t wait to kill people and sell them to medical clinics for use of dissection: they did this. Burke got hanged and dissected. Hare got off with a life sentence. Burking enters 1820s English language.

Bishop & William & May- London 1831: Kill a young boy and then they tried to sell his body.

Case #1: Medical police not really showing signs of “we care” and this has been going on for awhile. Case #2: Lots of conditions raised. Because of suspicion they got caught. They laced food with Laudanum; gave it to street people. They did this three times. Bishop & May were known resurrection men. Atonomists are paying closer attention. Which bodies did they steal, which ones did they kill.30-40,000 people showed up for the hanging of these men. Feelings: interferes with ability to get cadavers legally. These resurrection men got enough to make a decent living. Outlaws. Petty thieves. You could get by selling a couple bodies a month and live comfortably.

With Informal Medication: In 1890s, there is effort to re-ingest rigor to medical training. Professional activity/structure/AMA/terms of education. Encouragement of curriculum. School’s in America adopt German way. John Hopkins is first to adopt and is what we associate with medical schools today. We start to see other large scale medical schools attach to university, we see development.

Ghost Map

Bacterium: Learned how Cholera works. Need large colony to inhabit small intestine, oral fecal route of transition, danger of killing off host- quick acting, quick adaptation/evolution, quicker reproduction and recombination- our way of evolving vs microbes way of evolving. Some cases are very severe, some cases are not. It is not only about immunity but also adaptation of bacteria. How this disease works (what we know). The vomiting & the dihareaah, shedding water like crazy, fever, muscle spasms, sharp abdominal pain, face & extremities turn blue. In London 1854: Stomach upset is normal, everyday occurrence. So how tell, oh this is cholera. Blue hands, blue face, rice-water stool, your body is shedding all of its water- (its being tricked), mixed in with this water of ”  ” cell of intestine. Water with white flakes in it. Expelled all the time. Cholera. Creates matter that coasts small intestine. Toxins turn off cells that hold onto water. Expelling massive amounts of cholera microbes. Victims are mental aware until they die. The brain does not shut down, the body does. Very early sense of for boding. 1854 Outbreak: takes a few hours to 2 days to kill you. How quickly you go from I am okay to I am dead.


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